Christian-Buddhist Links

Tibetan Nativity Scene - Thank You Gift from Dalai Lama for the Way of Peace, India
 A Thangka - sacred wall hanging - given by H. H. the Dalai  Lama to Fr. Laurence Freeman and the World Community for  Christian Meditation in December, 1998. Image © Robert Jonas.

Academic and Monastic Resources: (The best resource for Buddhist-Christian events in the academic vein is the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies).
(If you have some theological training or enjoy a little academic reflection on the Buddhist-Christian dialogue, subscribe to the once-a-year publication, Buddhist-Christian Studies or just read some fascinating online articles here).

--  (A center for Buddhist-Christian Dialogue that is led by monks and nuns from many Catholic traditions, in dialogue with Buddhist monks and nuns.  Occasionally, their retreats are open to lay people).

Contemplative Retreats & Buddhist-Christian Resources:

For those who want to attend Buddhist-Christian retreats go to:

-- (The Maria Kannon Zen Center is led be Ruben Habito, a former Jesuit priest who is an ordained Zen master)  (World Community for Christian Meditation: Retreats led by Benedictine priest and monk, Fr. Laurence Freeman.  See also essays about key contemplative Christian writings and writers at WCCM’s page for teachers, at:

--  (Retreats led by Jesuit priest and Zen master, Fr. Robert E. Kennedy).  (Retreats in the Trappist tradition, led by he founder of Contemplative Outreach, Fr. Thomas Keating).   (Ask for Fr. Kevin Hunt who is a Trappist monk and Zen master, and who also leads retreats at the Kwan Um School of Zen at:  (Retreats in the contemplative Franciscan Christian tradition).  (Retreats in the Carmelite tradition, led by Mary Jo Meadow, and often co-led by Fr. Kevin Culligan and Fr. Daniel Chowning, under the umbrella of Resources for Ecumenical Spirituality.  See also Carmelite writings in the contemplative tradition at:

--  (See a list of contemplative Christian retreat and teaching centers.  In particular, see the Osage Monastery (Benedictine) in Oklahoma.  Contemplative Christian retreats with an openness to Hindu and Zen practices.   (A past President of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies, Paul O. Ingram, has published a fine, short essay on the dialogue).  (Many original essays and interviews of leaders in the Buddhist-Christian dialogue can be found here--a site chock full of resources at the nexus of Christian mysticism, Asian spirituality and Jungian psychotherapy:  (See here, an Inner Explorations video-interview with Robert A. Jonas).  (Another important Internet resource created by wanderingBuddhist monk, social activist and musician, Rev. Kusala at his Urban Dharma.  (A gathering place for discussion of Buddhist-Christian topics)

-- (A portal for the study of Zen Christianity)